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This is your complete kit to understand Norwegians at work and in everyday life. It includes the four (4) most useful and popular books on the Norwegian culture. The books are written by 3 authors and published by Mondå Forlag which Julien S. Bourrelle co-owns with Elise H. Kollerud. 


"The Social Guidebook to Norway: An Illustrated Introduction" gives an entertaining introduction to the Norwegian culture. This is Julien's best selling book on Norwegian culture with more that 55 000 copies sold.  


"The Social Guidebook to Norway: Friendships and Relationships" gives a more in depth description of how socialization, friendships and relationships work in Norway.


"The 100 Unwritten Norwegian Social Lawspresents 100 unwritten laws that Norwegians follow, but will most probably never tell you! Written by Egil Aslak A. Hagerup.


"Norwegian Food: Do they really eat thiswelcomes you to the weird and surprising world of Norwegian food traditions. It takes you through 22 dishes Norwegians have developed since the Viking age and which continue to be popular today. Each is illustrated with humour and presented with its historical context, the conservation techniques used, and its social and economic significance. Written by Arnt Steffensen.


The Norwegian Toolkit

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