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"One of the best books ever written on the cultural differences you encounter as new in Norway. A fantastic presentation of Norwegians habits, values and norms illustrated with humorous drawings that make the book both fun and easy to read."


- Kathleen Offman Mathisen, HR director Grieg Seafood 



The Social Guidebook to Norway is Julien's best selling book with more than 50 000 copies sold.


The Social Guidebook to Norway helps foreigners fast forward their integration and help them understand and appreciate Norwegians and their society. Norwegian readers get an outsider's perspective on their culture and help them better understand the challenges foreigners face communicating, living and working with Norwegians.

"An illustrated introduction" is the first book in the series. It illustrate and explains the peculiarities that are first faced when interacting with Norwegians. It has 75 illustrations with explaining text for each situations that are first experienced when meeting Norwegians. It is followed by "The Social Guidebook to Norway 2: Friendships and Relationships"


You may also order this book together with our other books on the Norwegian culture.  Read more about "The Norwegian Toolkit" on the publisher website. 




Keywords: emotions, feedback, politeness, social logic, personal space, greetings, conversations, relationships with nature, sport, physical suffering, dating, friendships, gender interactions, equality, conflict, discipline, Janteloven, organisation, social status, unwritten social rules.

The Social Guidebook to Norway

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